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This is a look at our Alpha product, our Beta development takes yat to a whole new level!

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We built an app for you! Social media has created a gap between you and real-life experience with the Digital and Virtual versions of you. Enter yat! The app empowers you like no other to meaningfully connect with your friends ("yat.Mates") in real ways. This is not “social media”, this is a social engagement technology platform. By creating a simple ecosystem where your yat.Mates connect with you and integrate into your daily life. The app gives you the ability to Produce, Broadcast, Engage, and Manage your social circle with you at the centre of it, the way you want it, when you want it and with whom you want it.  

Facebook and Instagram are amazing, but they focus on broadcasting what has already happened to your "friends".  Where do you look for the future?  yat. is an ecosystem where people can get notice on future social opportunities instead of just the news on what  has already happened. We assist you in procuring your future; like when you need a ride to work, when you need a place to stay when you’ve had a couple too many downtown or when Beyonce is in town and you want to see if any of your friends want to go. 

       When you need something, who has your best interest at heart more than your friends? We believe friends want to spend time together and help each other out, they just haven't had the tools to properly do so, until now. Our simple purpose at yat. is to get you what you want, efficiently, socially, easily! We want you to communicate what you’re looking for with your yat.Mates. We want them to have the opportunity to look out for you and vice-versa by returning a favour, lending a hand, or joining in on an activity. At the end of the day, we want you to get what you want, when you want, wherever you go. Because wherever you go, there yat.



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